Salyens: VoIP and Java video codecs <TABLE WIDTH="768" STYLE="border-collapse: collapse" BORDER="0" CELLSPACING="0" CELLPADDING="4"> <TR><TD WIDTH="25%" VALIGN="TOP"> <P> <LI><A CLASS="sublinkJP" HREF="framework_j.html" TARGET="HomePage" OnClick="parent.parent.initURL = lang_jp">日本語</A></LI> </P> &nbsp; <P><FONT CLASS="indexHeaderEN" >Contents</FONT> <LI><A CLASS="sublinkEN" HREF="overview/index.html">Overview</A> <LI><A CLASS="sublinkEN" HREF="press/index.html">Press</A> <LI><A CLASS="sublinkEN" HREF="services/index.html">Services</A> <LI><A CLASS="sublinkEN" HREF="products/index.html">Products</A> <LI><A CLASS="sublinkEN" HREF="support/index.html">Support</A> <LI><A CLASS="sublinkEN" HREF="downloads/index.html">Downloads</A> </P> &nbsp; <P> <IMG WIDTH="145" HEIGHT="325" SRC="smeet_embedded.gif"> Smeet (embedded Linux) </P> &nbsp; </TD><TD VALIGN="TOP" CLASS="textEN"> <IMG WIDTH="111" HEIGHT="11" SRC="resources/spacer.gif"> <P> <FONT COLOR="#6060FF"><STRONG>Salyens is a consultancy, developing solutions for video conferencing and streaming over the Internet. A growing network of co-operation with global companies and our recognized technology leadership, are key to Salyens' success.</STRONG></FONT> </P> <IMG WIDTH="111" HEIGHT="11" SRC="resources/spacer.gif"> <P> We continuously strive to establish interoperability with some widely used SIP and H.323 equipment from major manufacturers (see details <A CLASS="linkEN" HREF="interop/index.html">here</A>). We can now proudly say that <STRONG>we beat them all</STRONG> in standard compliance, compression ratio and price! </P><P> <IMG SRC="h264.gif"><BR> </P><P> Salyens is proud to present the <STRONG>H.264 codec</STRONG> now available in all of our streaming and conferencing products. These new offerings continue a long tradition of excellent video quality, standard compliance and interoperability with 3rd-party solutions. </P><P> <I>H.264 is the latest digital video codec standard, offering very high data compression and unmatched flexibility in addressing a very wide variety of applications, from high definition DVD equipment (as a mandatory component for next-generation HD-DVD and Blue-Ray), to TV broadcasting, video conferencing and 3G telephony industries.</I> </P><P> <IMG WIDTH="78" HEIGHT="35" ALIGN="left" SRC="resources/sjmf_v.gif"> <I>"sand"</I> <IMG WIDTH="44" HEIGHT="20" SRC="resources/updated.gif"><BR> <SMALL>(added support for MPEG-PS and H.264, speed optimizations)</SMALL><BR> </P><P> Sjmf, the leading video solution for Java based network applications in Windows and Linux, earning praises for its versatility, speed and low bandwidth. </P><P> Sjmf offers advanced video transcoding and post-processing features, fully <STRONG>integrated</STRONG> with the Java Media Framework and officially supported in <STRONG>JDK 1.5</STRONG>. </P><P> <I>As more and more companies adopt Sjmf for the principal media engine in their Java applications, Salyens will continue to license software for commercial use and provide additional services.</I> </P><P> <IMG WIDTH="78" HEIGHT="35" SRC="resources/sopal_v.gif"> <I>"wisdom"</I> <SMALL>(added support for H.264, speed optimizations)</SMALL><BR> </P><P> Sopal, inheriting from the experience drawn from Sjmf, provides leading video codecs to C/C++ applications in Windows and Linux. </P><P> <IMG WIDTH="78" HEIGHT="35" ALIGN="left" SRC="resources/smeet_v.gif"> <I>"heat"</I> <IMG WIDTH="44" HEIGHT="20" SRC="resources/updated.gif"><BR> <SMALL>(added support for H.264 and G.723, interoperability with new <A HREF="interop/index.html">3rd-party equipment</A>)</SMALL><BR> </P><P> Smeet, videophone applications that combine state-of-the-art video conferencing technologies with an <STRONG>intuitive user interface</STRONG> in Windows (ActiveX control) and Linux (GTK2). </P><P> Smeet is the perfect tool for <STRONG>rapid deployment</STRONG> of VoIP services in a multi-platform environment. </P><IMG WIDTH="111" HEIGHT="11" SRC="resources/spacer.gif"><P> Please feel free to enquire for a free trial of the Salyens products. </P> &nbsp; </TD> </TR> </TABLE> <TABLE WIDTH="768" BORDER="0" STYLE="border-collapse: collapse" CELLSPACING="0" CELLPADDING="0" BACKGROUND="resources/footer_bg.gif"> <TR HEIGHT="22"> <TD WIDTH="25%" ALIGN="left" CLASS="footer"> <A HREF="#" OnClick="window.print(); return false;"><IMG WIDTH="53" HEIGHT="20" BORDER="0" SRC="resources/print.gif"></A>&nbsp; <A HREF="mailto:?body="><IMG WIDTH="71" HEIGHT="20" BORDER="0" SRC="resources/email.gif"></A> </TD> <TD WIDTH="45%" ALIGN="center" CLASS="copyright"> 2004 - 2006 &copy; Copyright Salyens. All rights reserved.<BR> <SMALL>All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.</SMALL> <img src="" border="0" width="1" height="1"> </TD> <TD WIDTH="30%" ALIGN="right" CLASS="footer"> For all enquiries:&nbsp;<STRONG><A HREF=""></A></STRONG>&nbsp; </TD> </TR> </TABLE>