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    Smeet (埋め込みLinux)




    Salyens is proud to present the H.264 codec now available in all of our streaming and conferencing products. These new offerings continue a long tradition of excellent video quality, standard compliance and interoperability with 3rd-party solutions.

    H.264 is the latest digital video codec standard, offering very high data compression and unmatched flexibility in addressing a very wide variety of applications, from high definition DVD equipment (as a mandatory component for next-generation HD-DVD and Blue-Ray), to TV broadcasting, video conferencing and 3G telephony industries.

    (added support for MPEG-PS and H.264, speed optimizations)

    Sjmf, the leading video solution for Java based network applications in Windows, Linux and Mac OSX (x86), earning praises for its versatility, speed and low bandwidth.

    Sjmf offers advanced video transcoding and post-processing features, fully integrated with the Java Media Framework and officially supported in JDK 1.5.

    As more and more companies adopt Sjmf for the principal media engine in their Java applications, Salyens will continue to license software for commercial use and provide additional services.

    "wisdom" (added support for H.264, speed optimizations)

    Sopal, inheriting from the experience drawn from Sjmf, provides leading video codecs to C/C++ applications in Windows and Linux.

    (added support for H.264 and G.723, interoperability with new 3rd-party equipment)

    Smeet, videophone applications that combine state-of-the-art video conferencing technologies with an intuitive user interface in Windows (ActiveX control) and Linux (GTK2).

    Smeet is the perfect tool for rapid deployment of VoIP services in a multi-platform environment.

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